Monday, October 7, 2019


hey kids-

our patriots got another "w" under their belts, though it didn't seem as easy to me as today's headlines indicate. they use a lot of words like "cruise" and "sail," and i guess that could be accurate...if they're talking about those big carnival boats that leave everyone feeling a little nauseated.

our fearless quarterback moved into the number three position for the most yards ever thrown by anyone ever who ever played football ever - or something like that. more importantly, he went 28/42 for 342 yards and three touchdowns and another win. i guess the moral of the story is that all those yards add up, but anyone who watched the sunday night game (or drew brees ever) would agree that yards come up short when compared against rings. looks like tommy's thinkin' four more to go.

our defense gave up the first big play and first real touchdown of the season all in one fell swoop, but otherwise they remained on lockdown - and another mccourty grabbed another interception to keep the streak alive. i'm definitely not taking the d for granted, but this week's tommy is going to jules. even though poor jules is definitely still broken, that didn't stop him from catching eight passes (including a touchdown) for 110 yards. all those yards do have to get caught by somebody, but this kinda seems like showing off.

we play the giants on thursday night, and according to my favorite giants fan, i should not lose any sleep over a rookie qb against belichick. think your happy patriots thoughts that he's right, 'cause he'll be super sad if i refuse to see him when i'm in new york!

have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

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