Monday, October 28, 2019


well kids, 

our patriots are 8 and 0. no, our schedule hasn't been super challenging; no, our offense isn't clicking the way it'll eventually need to click; and no, we're probably not going to be undefeated; but winning is way better than losing, and we've managed to do that eight times in a row. so, no, we are not complaining.

this season feels like a microcosm of our fearless quarterback's career. every game, he seems to have a new set of receivers, and he somehow has to go out there and make it all work, even if it's not pretty. he did it again this week, completing 20 of 36 passes for 259 yards and two touchdowns. thankfully, the turmoil looks to be settling down, with both watson and sanu coming up to speed quickly, jules and dorsett healthy-ish enough to perform, and the rookies having a chance to be rookies instead of the only guys on the field. hang in there, tommy! it's all gonna come together soon.

i'm tempted to give this week's totw to lawrence guy for bursting through the line and walking into baker's mayfield's pass like he planned it that way. not only did it keep our defense's interception streak alive, but it may have been the most hilarious pick i've ever seen. hightower had a great fumble recovery that he returned for six as well, but the tommy's going to jules. i can't remember the last time he had two touchdowns in one game, and i feel like our offense needs some positive reinforcement to get this train back on track. lead the way, jules! we're definitely on board for more of that.

funny story: whenever i type "i don't want to" on my phone's keyboard, the predictive text suggests "play baltimore" as the first option. we're doing exactly that on sunday night, facing our biggest test thus far just before we head into the bye. my phone's also predicting we'll win by 4, so think your happy patriots thoughts that it's right. having to listen to cris collinsworth for three hours and losing to baltimore is more than anyone should be expected to bear.

have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

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