Friday, October 25, 2019


hey kids-

i'm back from vacation and this is super late, so let's dive in. speaking of dive, the jets took a nose dive against our patriots, and i was right there to see it! honorary mention for this week's tommy goes to janice for arranging my awesome seats for the this game.

our fearless quarterback looks every bit as fearless in person as he does on tv and had a decent game, going 31/45 for 249 yards and a touchdown. there was also an interception - which i liked just as little in person as i do in the bar. it's nice when things are having the same quarterback for 19 years. don't worry, tommy. you look just the way i remember!

this game was all about our defense, but unless i collectively give them the tommy , it's hard to single out one guy for the award. also, sony michel had three rushing touchdowns, and that's as many as he'd previously had all season, so he's getting this week's totw. here he is, rushing for one of those touchdowns...i think. to be honest, this could be james white, but i'm okay pretending it's sony if you are.

we're hosting the browns on sunday afternoon, and i can't think of anything more horrible than losing to a team named after a color (except losing to baltimore or the giants or pittsburgh... or maybe kansas city). anyway, think your happy patriots thoughts we beat the browns so i don't get the blues.  

have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

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