Friday, October 11, 2019


well kids, 

last night felt like the same game we've played for the last three weeks - where things actually don't go very well at all, but somehow the score makes it look like we won handily. i mean, i'll take it, but our schedule's about to get crazy hard, and i wish things were clicking a little better than they actually are.

it's really only our broken-and-battered offense that isn't clicking, though our fearless quarterback's 334 yards and 31 completions (of 41) don't appear all that unclicky on paper. the zero touchdowns are a little more telling - though tommy did make up for it with two rushing touchdowns. i appreciate that he's not going to let a crappy passing game and no non-rookie or uninjured receivers stop him from scoring, but i appreciate it a lot more when he doesn't stand around for 700 mississippis allowing strip sacks and throws it to people who are actually on our team.

our defense and special teams continue to click enough to cover our injury-riddled offense, scoring two more touchdowns and forcing four more turnovers in this game. honorable mention goes to brandon bolden for pushing that giant's helmet right into the path of a just-kicked punt and to chase winovich for his laser focus catching it and running it into the endzone, but this totw goes to stephen gilmore. remember when i used to hate him because he was absolutely nowhere near the ball or the receiver who'd catch it and run all the way down the field? yeah, me neither.

our pats are on to new york next week - and so am i! our fearless quarterback and crew will be at meadowlands taking on the jets on monday night football, and (as far as i know,) i'll be sitting in a box wearing no patriots gear and surreptitiously cheering them on - which should be a hilarious notion to anyone who's ever seen me watch a pats game. think your happy patriots thoughts that the pats win and i succeed so that janice doesn't get in trouble after so graciously arranging the tickets, and i'll tell ya all about it next time.

have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

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