Tuesday, November 12, 2019


well kids, 

just like our patriots, i took the bye week to regroup, but it's time to get back to it. in case you didn't hear, we lost to the ravens, and boy, did we ever have it coming.

our fearless quarterback is definitely feeling the midseason blues - or at least the "we-really-miss-you-david-andrews" blues. tommy went 30 of 46 for 285 yards and a touchdown, along with an interception. it sounds a lot better than it looked.

call it sour grapes if you want, but i really don't have a lot to say about the loss to baltimore. it was well-deserved. i've worried for weeks that our offense wasn't clicking the way it needed to be  and that's still true  and though it was a little surprising to see the issues with our defense, if you have a long way to go, midseason is exactly the time you want to discover that. with no real totw standout from the game, the award defaults to tommy. if there's one thing everyone should know by now, it's that nothing brings out his leadership, competitiveness, and general roguish charm more than losing  and that means there's no real reason to worry (yet). up and at 'em, tommy! 

we've got the eagles on sunday, and there's a whole big fuss about it being a super bowl rematch. i'm not sure why  it's not a rematch of the last super bowl, nor it is the first "super bowl rematch" of our season. then again, there's also a whole big fuss that we're now 8-1, even though we started the last four seasons 7-2 and went to the super bowl every time. the moral of the story is that the nfl likes to have a whole big fuss no matter what happens, so think your happy patriots thoughts that our boys give 'em something to talk about and isaiah wynn returns to live up to his name.

have a great week, and go pats.

love dav

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