Monday, November 25, 2019


well kids, 

the patriots beat the cowboys, and that means stuffing shall be eaten happily on thursday! lush is very relieved.

i read a couple of articles that said isaiah wynn got beaten several times on sunday, but he must've not got beaten several times, too, because that was the best i've seen tommy look in a little while. he wound up 17 of 37 for 190 yards and touchdown - which is actually worse than normal, but factoring in that our two best receivers didn't play, it wasn't too shabby. maybe i'm just relieved to have seen him upright, dancing around back there while he tried to decide which of his limited selection of targets he was going to grace with the ball. (spoiler alert: it was mostly jules.) 

after the thumping baltimore gave us, it was nice to see our #1 defense shut down the cowboys' #1 offense and not allow a single touchdown, though it was dicey there a few times. our season would be belly up if not for our defense - and our special teams, which also had another great day. matthew slater's blocked punt was the third blocked punt of the season, all three of which have resulted in touchdowns (two returned, this one by setting up short field position). it was the difference-maker in this game, and for that (and so so so so so many other reasons), matthew slater gets this week's tommy. way to lead the victory march, cap'n!

our back-to-back texas match ups continue next week when our boys travel to play the houstons on sunday night - and given the circumstances, i'm really hoping we look a little less like turkeys than we did on our last snf game. believe it or not, that game falls on the first day of december, so think your happy patriots thoughts our boys live up to their december football reputation - and that cris collinsworth chokes on his factual inaccuracies...or a turkey bone. either way.

happy thanksgiving, and go pats!

love dav

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