Monday, November 18, 2019


hey kids-

well, the patriots beat the eagles, and it was way better than not beating the ravens. i'm as frustrated as tommy with this game, but i'm not going to whine about winning. let's do this.

our fearless quarterback threw the ball 47 times, which is about 20 too many - especially considering he only connected on 26 of those for 216 yards and no touchdowns. tommy's not the only one pouting (but not complaining!) about this win.

our defense and special team both had solid performances after some in-game adjustments and really did their part to keep us in it and hang on right to the end. after such a dismally unproductive game, it might seem ridiculous to give an offensive player the totw - but if you think jules is throwing a touchdown pass and *not* getting the tommy for it, you just don't know me at all. this is my second favoritest patriots play ever - bested only by the first time he did it, lobbing the ball all the way down the field into the waiting arms of danny amendola RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE while i leapt and shrieked and squealed in my seat during my first and only visit to gillette. that was the year we lost to kansas city in week four and everyone declared our dynasty over. we all know how that worked out, so keep the faith, friends - and keep on giving me reasons to give you tommies, jules!

we've got a home game against dallas on sunday, and i think they're going to give us just as much of a run for our money as the eagles did. think your happy patriots thoughts that the boys give us something for which to be grateful when we go around the table at thanksgiving dinner (which in my house is a day-long stuffingfest that i share with my dog). we're definitely eating stuffing either way, but we'll be a lot happier about it if we're not complaining about another patriots win!

have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

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