Monday, September 16, 2019



hey kids-

like our patriots, i'm on the road for work this week, so let's keep this one short and sweet (ala the thumping our boys gave the dolphins on sunday).

you'd think it'd be harder to play in miami in september than in december, but those 100 degree temps were no match for our fearless qb's hot hands. tommy went 20 of 28 for 264 and two touchdowns plus a qb sneak rushing touchdown, which may not look great on paper but works a) on the road and b) in miami. speaking of ab, he's already picking up the playbook, pulling down passes, and teaching tommy the secret handshake.  baby steps, tommy. you'll get it eventually.

we had it covered from ab to d on sunday - with our defense coming on as oppressively as the florida heat. now that they've mastered keeping the opposing offense from scoring, they've decided to lend a hand to our offense. they picked up two pick sixes in a matter of roughly two minutes - and stephen gilmore almost had this totw in his grasp until jamie collins came down with his second interception to seal the shutout. way to pick up where you left off, jamie!

we're back in foxborough sunday with another divisional game in this topsy-turvy 100 anniversary schedule. think your happy patriots thoughts that the jets go down as easily as the dolphins - and i'll catch you next time.

have a great week, and go pats! 

love dav

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